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Oil of Eucalyptus


"I can’t believe the difference in my knees in just 3 days!! I could feel the difference after the lst application and they keep getting better!!"
~ Jack Edelson, Wheaton, Ill.
"This product is great. I was in a car accident 3 years ago & can’t believe how it’s eased my pain. I can’t believe how much this has helped!! "
~ Paul Jasper Phoenix, Arizona
"At ARIZONA SPORTS CHIROPRACTIC & WELLNESS CENTER, it’s my pleasure to use this Fine Product on many of my patients NECKS, BACKS and Sciatica. I also offer it to my patients in my Clinic."
~ Dr. Christopher Wood, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
"I’ve had a Frozen Shoulder for nearly 8 months where I couldn't’t even raise my right arm. The lady was right when she told me it would take the shooting pain away, & I can lift my arm now."
~ Carol Weinstein, South Carolina
"I have been a user of Australia’s Best Eucalyptus for 4 years. I use it for my joints & especially on my knees. It works for Headaches & it's a wonderful Decongestant. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to anyone."
~ Troy Young... A.S.U. Sports Trainer 27 years & National Hall of                   
Fame Athletic Trainer, 2 time Olympic Athletic Trainer, Arizona                    
"You came into our Independent Living Home & Showed us how it works on Fungus under toenails. All ( 5 ) of us you demonstrated it on used it for a week & we had amazing results!
Thank you, Shelley"

~ Gretchen Mayer & Kay Adams, Madison Meadows Assisted Living
"I’m 80 years old & have been in a wheel chair for 3 years due to severe sciatica. Your eucalyptus spray relieves most of my pain, and I can sleep nights now."
~ Claire Green, Tucson, Arizona
"As a certified Reflexologist I use Australia’s Best Eucalyptus on my patient’s feet. It loosens muscles & tendons in feet & helps relieve Planters Faceitis.”
~ Dr. W. Mason, Atlanta, Georgia
"After an auto accident 5 years ago I couldn't’t sleep on my right side but after using Australia’s Best for only 3 nights, I Can now sleep on that side. I’m amazed! "
~ Donald Sloon, Lincoln, Nebraska
"I get HEADACHES a lot & your product has definitely helped! I also like putting it in the bathtub because I have Fybromyalgia. You’re right. NO ODOR after toweling dry and totally relaxing! I’ve found nothing like it! "
~ T. Baker, Sedona, Arizona
"My kids are using your product for their bronchitis & seasonal colds & allergies. We like sniffing it from a tissue & also putting it in the vaporizer for the baby."
~ Trish Kendal, Phoenix, Arizona
"My name is George Talley & I’d like to order more bottles. I’m quite amazed at how well it works for my knees & also my bad hip!"
~ George Talley, Bakersfield, California
"Three people in my family had severe FUNGAS under the toenails & it was GONE in less Than 2 weeks. It also stopped the ITCH from my son’s psoriasis. Truly amazing Stuff!!"
~ R.J. Miller, Carefree, Arizona
"I’ve told all my friends about your Eucalyptus Oil & I sent them each a bottle for Christmas this year. Everyone has raved!! ( Do you have specials on multiple bottles? ) "
~ Carol Burke, Palm Springs, California
"I work construction & my wife says my hands are a nightmare. I used your product 3 days in a row.. and they look like hands again. "
~ T. Hawthorne, Las Vegas, NV
"Now I’ve seen everything… I used Australia’s Best for my shingles and IT WORKED! It also diminished the mole in the area where I used it for shingles too cool!!! "
~ Terry James, Decatur, Ill
"I use it at the GYM before working out so my muscles don’t cramp. It also works for FOOT CRAMPS in the middle of the night. Good in the steam room for breathing too! "
~ Tom Parker, Oceanside, CA
"People laugh when I tell them I use your Eucalyptus product when I wash my bedding for Dust Mites. I use a Tablespoon p/wash. Makes my clothes smell clean. We’ve sprayed it on the A/C filter for Microscopic bugs & you’re right… The house smells Clean & Fresh. "
~ Penny Walsh, Scottsdale, Arizona
"I’m a Viet Nam Veteran and after you told me it might work for the Jungle Rot. I was skeptical after trying about everything else… I used it the way you advised & honestly… It Worked!!"
~ Travis Schneider, Denver Colorado
"We bought a bottle from you & Mr. O’Brien about 10 years ago & just found you again in Phoenix. Your NEW FORMULA is better!!! This new one Healed Our SHINGLES in about half the time & took the Swelling & Itch away. Gee, my husband and I are HAPPY we found you again!"
~ Karla & Tim Farley- / Branson, Missouri
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